Project Description

js31 series straight-side single point press

JS31 Closed Type Hot Press

Straight-side | Single Point Press | 125 ton – 2000 ton capacity

JS31 is eccentric gear type press with super long guide rail design, high performance split type clutch brake and long nominal stroke (usually up to 13mm), can bear high concentrated load, especially suitable for medium and thick plate drawing and forming. This series is widely used in industries including automobile, tractor, agriculture machinery, textile machinery, motor, electrics, instrument etc.

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  • With high accuracy, rigidity and strength, suitable for punching, blanking, and shallow pull extension and other processing.
  • Rigid interlocked clutch.
  • Die height adjustment with electric adjustment.
  • Equipped with pneumatic balancer, balance slider and upper die weight.
  • The best processing equipment to ensure accuracy.

Optional Equipments

  • Light curtain
  • Die cushion Inveter QDC
  • Tonnage monitor



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