Project Description

YW28 series double action hydrualic press

DS2 Series Servo Press

C – Frame | servo control system | 200 ton – 630 ton capacity

Suitable for application in auto parts, consumable electronics and household appliances. These can require perfect forming. By combining progressive die with pendulum curve, the productivity can possibly be doubled, which saves more than 50% of energy. Furthermore, automated transfer production line can also be added to upgrade the productivity.

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Standard Equimpents

  • Electric heavy oil lubricating device
  • Optoelectronic protection device
  • Manual lubrication system
  • Balance cylinders for slide and upper die
  • Joint for miss-feeding
  • Electronic crankshaft angle indicator
  • Servo control system
  • Die height adjusted motor
  • Air source quick connector
  • Shock Absorption Pads
  • Working lamp
  • Air blowing
  • Preset counter

Optional Equipments

  • Light curtain
  • Die cushion Inveter QDC
  • Tonnage monitor



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