Project Description

YW28 series double action hydrualic press

JA89 Series Knuckle Joint Press

Toggle Type | Knuckle Joint  | 400 ton – 1250 ton capacity

JH21 C frame single crank press, steel welded body, casting slide and table, PLC control, wet type clutch and brake, hydraulic overload protected, auto lubrication system, die shut height adjusted by motor, double hand buttons control panel, touch screen, vibration pads. High accuracy transmission gears and high rigidity crank ensure press long service life and accuracy.

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  • Less material consumption with nearly zero material waste.
  • High production efficiency.
  • Cold forging parts have strong rigidity properties, which is enhanced by cold deformation processing hardening effect.
  • High precision processed work piece of precision forming technology.
  • With the constant development of cold forging technology, some products with high difficulty coefficient are being developed.
  • The material has to go through soften annealing or alramenting lubricating treatment for stronger deformation resistance after cold forging.

Standard Equipments

  • Wet clutch and Flywheel Brake
  • Servo motor slider adjustment
  • Hydraulic overload protecting pump
  • Balance cylinders for slide and upper die
  • Dilute oil circulation lubrication system
  • Electronic die height indicator
  • Joint for miss-feeding
  • Large touch screen
  • Air source quick connector
  • Shock Absorption Pads
  • Inverter
  • Light curtain protection
  • Tonnage display instrument

Optional Equipments

  • Light curtain
  • Die cushion Inveter QDC
  • Tonnage monitor



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